office chair

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My dad bought this old office chair at a goverment agency’s inventory sale some 20 years ago. It was never used and finally pretty beaten up by the 2013 flood.

I re-discovered it and immediately had a vision. But first I had to get rid of the old seat, which was barely attached to the frame. I alo had to dismantle the frame itself, tightened the few screws and glued it back together. I then also sanded down the whole frame in order to get rid of the old varnish.

The new seat was the trickiest part, as I had to cut out some recesses for the seating surface being a little wider behind the armrests. After glueing the seat to the frame I sanded it down to perfectly and seamlessly match it.

As always, the last steps were the most rewarding. A coat of primer and two nice coats of glossy red turned this office chair into a proper design object.