couch table

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A new apartment needs a center. And what would better fit my personal taste than a self-made one?

I decided to build my own couch table from an 150-year old pear tree that my dad cut down some 30 years ago.

We levelled it, I then had to decide the appropriate height and also which parts of the wooden block were in best condition for my project. The ends were then cut off and I was left with my workpiece which I thoroughly cleaned (it had still some dirt from the 2013 flood in and on it) and started sanding.

I took the edges off and sanded the surface as smoothly as possible. After that, I filled all the surface cracks and holes with black wood clay and sanded it again. The sides were left in original condition with the beautiful design cut into them by woodworms and insects – which of course have long since left the piece.

The finish was done with many coats of nitrocellulose lacquer, with some light sanding in between each coating. I’m very happy with the result, but wouldn’t exactly call the table very handy as it weighs about 100 kilos.